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Our Jewelry is handcrafted and unique. We want our customers to look beautiful and feel special. 😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊. It is very unlikely a customer will see our creations in a department store. Unlike a factory, we plan out each and every design, then go to work, implementing the design.

We work diligently and are extremely careful with each and every piece.

The end result: a finished beautiful unique piece that you can cherish for years.

Serenity Sensitive Designs formerly Radiance was founded in 2018. But the very first piece was created in the winter of 2017.

Our very first piece was a cross that Carol gave to her mother-in-law. It contained the roses that were set out for her husband’s funeral. Carol carefully dried the petals and placed them in the cross bezel , then covered with modge podge solution. Carol and her daughter Chrissy made other jewelry from the flowers and gave them to relatives.

Carol, husband, and her daughter spent several months living with her mother-in/law. She took care of her, but also created more jewelry in her basement!

In July 2017, they moved out. Carol was blessed with a garden in their new rented duplex. Carol began to give her jewelry away and sell very inexpensively. The women fell in love with her pieces. So she made more and started charging more for her work. She even offered customization. She stopped creating in the fall of 2018 because she was hired as a full time Teacher Assistant.

So everything stopped until her accident in 2019. She had suffered a severe concussion, her second one. In 2020 she started playing with polymer clay. It was very therapeutic. Out of that she created a new jewelry line. She began to sell again. She was creating with prophetic music in the background. She prayed for her customers and sent them inspiring Words.

In late 2021 she moved and now she lives with her husband in their own house! She doesn’t have a garden any more. Her oven broke down one month after they moved, so she can not bake her polymer clay.

But she now creates with UV resin and epoxy resin.

She recently fell in love working with acrylic ink and alcohol inks.

We just held our first craft fair. We haven’t been featured in one for several years.

In view of this we have a lot of inventory left over! We are also in the process of creating and online portal for our customers.

Do you like unique handcrafted jewelry?

Do you love to wear intricate fine detailed floral jewelry?

Do you love color?

Do you like to choose your setting or chain?

If so, you may just fall in love with our art, jewelry, and keepsakes.

Feel free to browse around.

We will be adding more pieces periodically in the next few weeks.

We love to hear from YOU! 🥰

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