Keepsake Cross: Faith Collection


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Botanical Keepsake Cross / silver setting
2 1/2 “ height x 1 1/2 “ width
These crosses contain a single flower or several flowers surrounded by wildflowers and greenery. They are sealed in resin and cured.
We only sell these around Easter or Christmas.
They sell for $20 and come with a 10” coordinating fabric ribbon
*But we will create a customized order if the choice flowers the customer wants are available. The customer can also send us their flowers as well.
You can have flowers sealed in this CROSS from your special event like wedding, birthday, etc.
You can take flowers from a loved one’s bereavement.
You can even have a Keepsake Cross made for a sick loved one. You can hang the cross over the bed or place it on their night stand or hospital table.
Please note:
We can only work with thoroughly dried flowers. You may send your flowers to Serenity Sensitive Designs in a natural or dried form.


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